On-line / Canada 2000:

    Synapse, Panel Discussion
    Kim Sawchuk, Jack Butler, Neil Garlach, Moira Howes,
    moderated by Nina Czegledy
    - June 24, 2000, InterAcces, Toronto

  • Synapse, moderated on-line forum
    Chair Prof. Kim Sawchuk, Concordia U. Montreal,
    Moderators: Sara Diamond, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Jane Randolph, University of Toronto,
  • Tibor Vámos, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    - June 24-September 1, 2000.

  • on-line exhibition of selected international artists
    co-curated by Nina Czeglédy and Jack Butler, researched by remote teams of students from Ontario College of Arts and Design, Ryerson Polytechnic U, University of Western Ontario and McGill University. Developed by Michelle Kasprzak, Slavica Cepelkovic. Additional research by
  • Jeremy Drummond.
  • - June 2000 - ongoing.

  • Links to international artists working with the project themes with extensive cross links to related sites and resources
  • - June 2000 - ongoing

  • hard copy duplicated proceedings of on-line forum
    - October 2000

  • Intimate Perceptions exhibition at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center in Toronto, presenting Nell Tenhaaf, Jack Butler, Jon Baturin, Eric Fong, Nina Czeglédy, Orshi Drozdik and Hilda Kozári in collaboration with Prof. Tibor Vámos)
    - November 10 - December 9, 2000

  • on-site exhibition of early Canadian medical illustrations in collaboration with University of Toronto Biomedical Communication Department
    - November 2000

  • on-site interdisciplinary symposiums/lectures at York University, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Ontario College of Art and Design, and the McLuhan Centre in Toronto, and University of Concordia in Montreal
    - November-December 2000

  • Wired Body / Mediated Body screening of international videos
  • Geothe Institute Toronto
  • - November 11, 2000, 7 pm (part 1) 8.30 pm (part 2)
  • "Corporeal" biomuse performance by Atau Tanaka.
  • Glen Gould Studio Toronto
    - November 24, 2000, 8 pm


Hungary 2001.

  • on-site exhibition , Ludwig Museum Budapest/Museum of Contemporary Art
    -October-November 2001

  • printed bilingual publication including essays, exhibition catalogue and CD-ROM

  • "Corporeal" biomuse performance by Atau Tanaka in Budapest , Trafo House of Contemporary Art

  • screenings of Mediated Body Wired Body international video program, BBS/Toldy mozi

  • on-site interdisciplinary symposium in Budapest in collaboration with ELTE and Central European Universities.

Slovenia 2002.

  • on-site exhibition , Municipal Gallery, Ljubljana
    - January - 2002

  • screenings of Mediated Body Wired Body international video program,

  • on-site interdisciplinary symposium in Ljubljana